Sunday, March 22, 2009

Boomers, Time To Reunite Under The Banner of Main Street

Wall Street,Banks, AIG, Illegal Aliens...Time For Main Street Retribution?

Is Your Main Street America Dream Worth Standing Up For, Protesting For, Dying For? Wake Up Main Street, It Is US OR THEM...Stand Up, Be Heard, Or Be Enslaved.

For those in the crowd who are news junkies today has been filled with a certain amusement as we watch the pundits make the Sunday Morning circuit of news shows, attempting to diffuse the anger on Main Street. The basic spiel goes something like, "We have to put the bonus money in its proper perspective, time for Americans to move on to more important issues...after all, these bonuses represent less than...blah, blah...blah, blah and blah. I can agree with the putting it all in perspective part.

So far, Main Street America has been put on the hook for two trillion dollars (and growing).

We have been forced to bail out both Wall Street and Main Street.

Of the $180 Billion promised to AIG, over $80 Billion (and growing went right in the front door and out the back door to banks in foreign countries!

We are going to be told on Monday that we have to take on the financial responsibility (as taxpayers) another $2 Trillion dollars to buy up the Toxic Assets that are floating around...what they do not want you too know, is we are going to be the BACKSTOP that will allow the banks we BAILED OUT to buy those assets from themselves with our money AT BARGAIN BASEMENT PRICES.

While 12.5 Million LEGAL AMERICANS are out of work, the Department of Homeland Security, ICE, Border Patrol and President Obama refuse to take any actions against the seven million illegal aliens that STILL HAVE fact, the TWO CUNTS PELOSI and NAPOLITANO (YES, I SAID CUNTS!!!) have said enforcement of OUR LAWS, conducting ENFORCEMENT RAIDS is CRUEL!

President Obama demanded that E Verify be kept out of the Stimulus a result of this reality, 300,000 Stimulus Jobs PAID FOR WITH OUR TAXES will go to ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Senator Dodd, Treasury Secretary Geithner and President OBama lied to us about what they knew regarding AIG bonus money, and when they knew about it.

The list could go on, but Main Street Americans should be able to look at this list and realize it is time to nip Obama's AGENDA in the bud. It is time that Main Street Americans begin MAKING DEMANDS IN WASHINGTON, DC, and if necessary be prepared to take to the streets in seeing our demands MET...enough LIP SERVICE. In short, I am stating for the record, THE TIME HAS COME FOR RETRIBUTION.

1. We want Everify, and we want it mandatory FOR ALL BUSINESSES effective immediately, and we want it fully funded.


3. We want Treasury Secretary Geithner GONE. We are talking RESIGNATION, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

4. YOUR PLAN FOR buying up TOXIC ASSETS does not work for Main Street...we are not willing to have our money PUT ON THE LINE so that the rich can use it to buy up TOXIC ASSETS to cash in later at HUGE PROFIT. LET AIG and other Wall Street groups including banks FAIL! How much more can we get hurt are already trying to force BOOMERS to accept a reality that they have to work till they are 68-72 so that you can reel in Social Security.

5. YOUR BUDGET Mr. PRESIDENT...FUCK IT TOO....we do not want THAT DEBT. Take your Health care and MOST OF YOUR Energy plan and PARK THEM! THIS INCLUDES ALL FUNDING AND LOAN GUARANTEES TO NUCLEAR. Simply stated...we in the middle class have suffered enough, and ARE NOT WILLING TO TAKE IT UP THE ASS so you can give what we have left to the poor and illegal aliens. You can come back and discuss these two issues with us once we have seen at least TEN MILLION ILLEGALS SHIPPED OUT OF AMERICA by any means possible, including by the point of a gun held by a member of our military.

To Main Street long are you going to sit on your hands AND TAKE IT FROM A GOVERNMENT THAT HAS NOT PROTECTED YOUR INTERESTS FOR THREE DECADES. Please, WAKE UP...we are at a defining moment in America's history, and our destiny, the destiny of our LEGAL AMERICAN CHILDREN is at risk. Put aside political correctness, and DEMAND RETRIBUTION, MARCH IN THE STREETS, PICKET EVERY AIG BUSINESS LOCATION, put one million people on the street in Front of the White House, organize a sit in at the Washington Office of your elected officials.

Congress has for too long heard from Wall Street, From Banks, From the Insurance Industries, From Lobbyist, and FROM ILLEGAL the time has come for Congress to HEAR MAIN STREET AMERICA LOAD AND CLEAR.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

End The Terrorist Illegal Alien Latino/Mexican Insurgency

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stopping the Terrorist Illegal Alien Insurgency

Dealing With The Illegal Alien Latino/Mexican Insurgency

Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton Watching THEIR INSURGENCY

Time to put aside the Politically Correct, lets be nice to the poor undocumented workers just trying to earn a living stupidity of the UBER Liberal lets grant them Amnesty crowd, and have some straight talk about the Latino/Mexican Illegal Alien Insurgency that is destroying the very fabric of our American Society. Yes, I just called what is going on an insurgency, and what we need is not Comprehensive Immigration Reform, but a serious Counter Insurgency Effort on the part of the United States government bringing all our forces to bear on the problem, including full deployment of our Military Troops on our Southern Border with Mexico.
What is an insurgency?

Insurgency, at least for the sake of this argument is an organized use of subversion with or without use or threat of violence to challenge political control of an area to create space and a platform for the insurgent group's political and economic influence and well being to grow and prosper at the expense of another. (Think of it as large scale Anarchy.) To be successful, these insurgencies require Charismatic Support (Congressman Luis Guirettez, Nancy Pelosi and Senator Reid, as well as the entire Hispanic Congressional Caucus), supporters (Catholic Church and Charities, National Chamber of Commerce, La Raza, MALDEF, ACLU), recruits (12-25 Million Illegal Aliens and their 4.5 million Anchor Babies), the passive acquiescence of a large proportion of the population of a contested area, and safe havens (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, New York) to operate out of, and funding (Faith Based Charities and 300,000 jobs from the Stimulus Bill are a good start).

Insurgents seek to effect political change through religious manipulation, piggy backing on a political movement with strong public support and sentiment (Civil Rights), exploiting that cause by claiming similar societal grievances and needs, using persuasion, subversion and coercion to sell their cause. Their goal is to wear out their opponents, exhaust government assets and resolve, while winning just enough public support to force capitulation or political accommodation (AMNESTY).

Leave no doubt, the Illegal Alien Wave sweeping across our nation, stealing away our neighborhoods is an insurgency, and right now THEY ARE WINNING. Congress is thinking about granting them Amnesty disguised as Earned Citizenship under the name of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Our own President (Obama) publicly stated that E Verify should be left out of the Stimulus Bill as too many Illegal Aliens would lose their about capitulation and political accommodation! Perhaps our Congress, our President need to review their history, need to look back to the capitulation and accommodation given to Illegal Aliens in 1986 when then President Reagan granted some six million illegal aliens Amnesty. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

The time has come to draw the line in the sand, time for America to take a stand for our own Sovereignty. We should not accommodate Illegal Aliens, we should not capitulate to their political agenda, but instead should mount a counter insurgency, should take back WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS.

What is a Counterinsurgency (COIN)?

Counterinsurgency as used here is a combined effort using military (on our border), law enforcement (Border Patrol, ICE, DHS, law enforcement and judicial assets at all levels of government) too CONTAIN the insurgency (stop the illegal immigration, and deport ALL THOSE HERE ILLEGALLY) and address its root cause (implement E Verify and prosecute those who hire illegal aliens to shut off the jobs magnet). Coin approaches must be agile, swift and decisive. Work place enforcement raids that make immediate arrests of both Illegal Aliens, and COMPANY MANAGEMENT so that a clear signal is being sent that all efforts and resources are going to be used in countering the insurgency, in taking back what has been lost. This counterinsurgency would work better with the support of Mexico, but that is not necessary. Once Corporate America, Mexico and the Illegal Alien population realize that OUR GOVERNMENT (on all levels) is willing to undertake all necessary steps, including political ones to end the insurgency, the insurgents (Illegal Aliens) will self deport, effectively surrendering, admitting that they have been defeated.

This insurgency has seven million illegal aliens working in our Job Market while over 12 million Legal American Citizens are out of work, cannot feed their families...there is no clearer example that the Terrorist Illegal Alien Insurgency is winning this war. The time has come to LIVE FREE OR DIE...what is it going to be America?

Defeating the Illegal Alien Enemy: Attack All Levels of the Threat Complex Simultaneously
The "enemy" comprises a three-fold threat complex:

  • Leaders - Global Actors, including MALDEF, LaRaza, National Chamber of Commerce and associated networks, which provide leadership, resources, inspiration and guidance to Illegal Aliens.
  • Underlying conditions - Local groups, grievances, communal conflicts and societal structures that provide fertile soil in which extremism flourishes, and provide the "fuel" that the illegal alien exploits. Many of these grievances and conflicts are pre-existing and resolving them is a related but separate issue to combating illegal immigration, per se.

    Definition of SAFE HAVEN from a DOD web site document:

Safe Havens - Space that provide a secure base for extremist action, including:

Physical space - failed/failing states, under-governed areas and sponsors who provide safe areas where terrorists train and organize. Many safe havens sit astride international borders, demanding a regional, rather than solely national response.

Cyber space- electro-magnetic and internet-based means for communication, planning, resource transfer and intelligence collection. These means allow terrorists to organize, communicate, spread propaganda and transfer money.

Ideological space - belief systems, ideas and cultural norms that enhance the enemy's freedom of action. These include ethnic identities, religious attitudes and political cultures.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama's FAILING GRADE Well Deserved

Time is running out, Obama's support is slipping in the polls...just in from Americans For Americans this article:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama, Pull Your Head Out Of Your Socialist Ass, Grow Some Balls and Start Leading

Illegal Alien Scum Are Ruining America ...Try Enforcement Instead of Ass Kissing President Obama
Face it President Obama, the failing grade you have received from the Wall Street Journal (even if for the wrong reasons) is well deserved. The time has come for you to fire Timothy Geithner who is in WAY OVER HIS HEAD, pull your own head out of your Socialist Ass, stop listening to the Pro Illegal Alien Latino special interest, and start acting like a real leader, instead of a self important black man. You want to earn some respect, want to stop your rapidly slipping poll numbers, going to give you a few pieces of advice.

1. Give Senator Reid marching orders to immediately get E Verify voted on and approved. If you think you can sit on it until you and Congress can pass a Comprehensive Immigration Reform, you are sadly mistaken. Even those Americans that have some sympathy for the plight of Illegal Aliens know it is unfair for 12.5 million Americans to be out of work while over seven million illegal aliens still have jobs. More importantly, no Main Street Americans are going to support 300,000 Stimulus Jobs going to Illegal Aliens.

2. We want work place enforcement, want our immigration laws as written ENFORCED. So tell Janet Napolitano to unleash the hounds. Here is a reality for are in the process of earning the ire of SEVENTY FIVE MILLION BOOMERS Mr. Obama, and I don't care how important the Latino voting block thinks they are, they are piss in the wind compared to 75 million ANGRY BOOMERS. We are going to lose another 2 million jobs before we start pulling out of this recession, so if you think we are going to tolerate your letting seven million illegal aliens keep our jobs, you are wrong...simply stated, you are cooking up a RACE WAR Mr. President, and you can blame the Latino Special Interests, as they are the ones that have tried to make this a race issue instead of a Law and Order issue, they are the ones that have tried to label us BIGOTS for wanting illegal aliens deported, have accused us of hating BROWN PEOPLE. Well you know what...if a illegal alien has stolen our jobs, if an illegal alien is keeping us from feeding our children, and if OUR GOVERNMENT will do nothing about it, we have no choice but to protect ourselves and what is ours. Maybe you best stop sucking up to the Latino voting block President OBama, and realize that seething ANGER ON MAIN STREET...that is not a threat, but an observation from someone that lives on Main Street, has beers with those people you INSULT when you say Illegal Aliens are taking jobs we will not do...SCREW YOU! You pretend you understand...YOU DO NOT!

3. Stop your racist Affirmative Action, Reparations Agenda...that is right, I said it. You march out yesterday and announce the White House Counsel on Women's Issues...curious there Mr. Obama, where is the White House Counsel on Men's Issues? After all, if you even bother reading the news you would know that men are taking the BRUNT of the pain and layoffs in this recent down turn in the economy. Here is another CLUE...SCREW A WORLD ECONOMY! Most Americans could give a rats arse if other nations HAVE OUR STANDARD OF LIVING...especially when seeing that happen means us LOWERING OUR standard of living. Screw China, screw fair trade, screw your belief that Buy American Protectionist actions are not what we want. You may not want that, but you are supposed to TAKE CARE OF US, as in Main Street Americans.

4. Your Socialist Health Care Reform plan...forget about it. Here is a CLUE. Your plan amounts to STEALING HEALTH BENEFITS to Boomers to give to the young adults of this country, to the minorities of this country, and to Illegal Aliens. You want a piece of reality...I, and many of us Boomers did not have health insurance when we were younger either. Speaking for myself, I did not have health coverage until my mid forties. Now that I finally have it you want to take it away, ration what I get? My wife has worked for almost 30 years at the same place, in two years secures Health Insurance for the rest of her/our life, and now you want to take that benefit she worked over 30 years for away? Want to ration the coverage we get, expect us to go stand on CUE to say get a Hip Replacement? I got a better idea...deport the illegal aliens, and tell the young people their turn will come, just like OURS DID.

I've got some more suggestions, but already know you are not listening. First, I am not rich, second I am not black, thirdly I am not a woman, and lastly I am not a Latino or Illegal Alien.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please Write Your Elected Officials In Washington DC

People in this crowd picture from a AMNESTY Protest who are in America Illegally are not undocumented Citizens/Immigrants, but common low life criminals...ACCEPT THAT FACT OBAMA!

Again Senator Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama have placed the desires of Illegal Aliens ahead of the desires and needs of Legal American Citizens who find themselves out of work, struggling to feed their families while CRIMINAL COMPANIES here in America still employ over seven million criminal illegal aliens. We are asking our readers to use the following template to write their elected officials in Washington DC. Demand full long term funding and implementation of E Verify, and demand that President Obama give Secretary's Holder and Napoliano their marching orders. Take all necessary steps including major work place enforcement raids to round up illegal aliens, and to prosecute those who hire them.

Dear Member of Congress:

I am writing today to urge you to join the over 75 other lawmakers who are demanding that Pelosi, Reid, and Obama restore the provision to the massive stimulus bill that prevents taxpayer stimulus jobs from going to illegal aliens. When 12.5 Million Americans are out of work, there is no excuse for giving Illegal Aliens over 300,000 Stimulus Jobs.

The Democratic leadership, by removing the "Buy American" and "E-verify" provisions of the stimulus bill, are sending a clear message that the American people are not who they serve. They are sending the message that foreign interests, lobbyist and Corporate America dominate Washington, not "We The People of the United States".

It is time for members of Congress who take the Constitution seriously, to demand that illegal aliens do not receive stimulus employment at taxpayer expense. We Legal Main Street Americans have escalating unemployment and foreclosures, are having trouble feeding our families, and it is simply treason to give our jobs, our health and well being to illegal alien criminals.

Please join forces across party lines to demand that no taxpayer stimulus jobs go to illegal aliens currently in America. Make E Verify the law of the land, and demand Work Place Enforcement.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Does Choosing Illegal Alien Criminals Over White Main Street Americans Make President Obama a Bigot, a Traitor, BOTH?

With each passing day President Obama's ratings are starting to plummet...once lofty poll ratings in the low 90's are now down under seventy percent, the trending lines in a steady downward decline. Is it any wonder when this supposed articulate intelligent man opts to side with Illegal Aliens, protect their jobs while 12.5 Million Americans are with out work, struggling to feed our families...time to tell Mr. Obama straight up to stop being a Bigot, and get on with the task of being the peoples president. (It is noted here, that Illegal Alien Criminals ARE NOT PART OF THE PEOPLES WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.)

Barack Obama, Bigot And Chief Shuns Main Street White Americans

The bloom is off the rose, and it turns out America's First Black President and his Black Orchid First Lady are in reality nothing more than common stink weeds, Black Bigots bent on destroying White Main Street America in the name of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Reparations for the Black Community and Affirmative Action for all minorities (except the gays...right Mr. Obama?). Someone give me a PRAISE JESUS, and let the raping of WHITEY BEGIN. By the way Roland (Chipmunk) Martin, Reverend Al Sharpton and even Oprah, do not bother taking exception with my words or calling foul.

I know what I know, I am who I am, and no I do not have diamonds in the soles of my shoes. President Barack Hussein Obama, Mr. Harvard Law School Graduate is a Black Bigot no matter how much he wishes to hide it, no matter how much he and his Obama Zombies will want to deny it. As the expression says, "Actions speak louder than words", and though the man with the platinum tongue speaks words from the mountain top, his actions are those of a gutter snake, his agenda divisive as he sets out to destroy the Main Street America White Community in the name of Affirmative Action, in the name of correcting the Legacy of Slavery and Race Discrimination.

One would think something as important as the President's first MAJOR speech on Education would be shared before a National Audience. Instead Barack Hussein Obama today went before a quasi racist Latino Chamber of Commerce (who embraces the La Raza rally call of one race above all others, who idolizes and supports through its members the racist organization of MALDEF) to deliver said speech on Education. Talk about sending a clear signal that WHITEY CAN DIE, OUR CHILDREN CAN STARVE, he is granting AMNESTY. Has he even bothered to look at these groups agenda's, or does his desire for a permanent Democratic Majority supersede reason and justice? Take any of these three organizations platforms, and replace the word Caucasian or white for Latino, and we would be having ourselves compared to the KKK, would be under constant surveillance by the FBI, but since these groups represent Latino people, its OK. Maybe Eric Holder was speaking about the Latino Chamber of Commerce, La Raza and MALDEF when he made his "Nation of Cowards" remarks, spoke about self segregation.

It is not just this one action that has me calling the President of the United States of America a Black Bigot. We have over 12 million Americans out of work in this nation (many of them white, many of them black), many of them living in tent cities or homeless. Meanwhile, because President Obama refused to push E Verify through the Congress, over SEVEN MILLION Illegal Alien Criminals(most of them Latino) continue to be employed in jobs that rightfully belong to LEGAL CITIZENS.

Additionally, in conjunction with demon spawn Senator Reid, E Verify was again defeated, kept out of the just passed Omnibus Budget Bill because these two Brown Nosing BIGOTS are willing to sell Main Street Americans down the creek for a voting block, want to win favor with the Latino community by steering 300,000 Stimulus Jobs to Illegal Aliens.

Every segment of OBama's overly ambitious agenda is aimed AT OPPOSING THE WHITE MIDDLE CLASS, stripping us of our rights, our dignity, and our Health Care...that's right, lets be honest. Obama's Socialist Health Care Proposals would ration health care benefits to Baby Boomers (most of us White) so that those citizens under 30, and 12-25 million Illegal Aliens could have the health care they are lacking...Obama thinks it is right and just to take the dream from one man and give it to another...sorry, but that was not what Martin Luther King meant when he said, "I have a Dream".

How many of you saw one of Obama's Financial Adviser's (Mr Third Reich) testifying before Congress come right out and say that Stimulus Jobs need kept out of the hands of educated people, and WHITE CONSTRUCTION WORKERS? In that same hearing, how many hear Congressman Rangel call for FORMULAS that would accomplish exactly that, and then with a wink and a nod tells Mr. Reich not to worry about WHITEY, that we are too busy trying to survive to catch what they are up to. Of course, when all this was dragged out into the light of day, did our Black Bigot President SAY ANY THING ABOUT IT, call these two close confidants on the carpet for their sins....of course not, that whole episode was SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET, after all, we could not taint the Inauguration Celebrations of our nation's FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT with a race scandal brewing now could we?


1. Have E Verify enacted, funded and put into operation as a MANDATORY program immediately.

2. Begin serious Interior Immigration Enforcement with MASSIVE WORK PLACE RAIDS.

3. Step up Justice Department actions to deport those here Illegally.

4. Through Executive Order, eliminate instantly ALL FEDERAL FUNDING TO ORGANIZATIONS AND CITIES aiding and abetting Illegal Aliens. This would include MALDEF, La Raza, Latino Chamber of Commerce, MATT, Catholic Charities, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Chicago (Cicero) and New York.

Boycott Illegal Alien Criminal Supporting Eva Longoria Of "Desparate Housewife's" Fame

Eva Longoria Vows to Protect Mexican Immigration TRANSLATION...Eva Longoria SUPPORTS AMNESTY for Illegal Alien CRIMINALS

Eva Longoria -

Opinionated and outspoken Desperate Housewives Latina starlet Eva Longoria is almost as well known for her risque sense of style as she is for her role as the oversexed nymph on the aforementioned. Now she can be known as a traitor to Main Street Americans who are out work, their jobs stolen by Illegal Aliens from Mexico and other nations. Her support of AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS (from Mexico specifically) shows she is a Mexican First, rather than a Patriotic American.

According to an article on the FOX News site, seems the nymphomaniac desparate housewife star and self professed "Latino HOTTIE" Eva Longoria wants Obama to address (specifically) Mexican short, she supports AMNESTY for the 12-25 Million Illegal Alien Criminals (most of whom are from Mexico). Since Eva Longoria supports Illegal Alien Criminals and their push for Amnesty, we can safely assume this spoiled star is fine with 12.5 Million Americans being out of work while 7 million Illegal Alien Criminals have their jobs. Tell us there Ms. Eva Longoria, "Do you support the IMMEDIATE PASSAGE of E Verify, or instead do you think it is fair to park E Verify so that 300,000 Illegal Alien Criminals can steal Stimlus Jobs that rightfully belong to LEGAL MAIN STREET CITIZENS.

Are you a Patriotic American Evan Longoria, or are you a Patriotic Mexican that just happens to be a US citizens. Putting the welfare of Illegal Alien Criminals ahead of the wellfare of your FELLOW AMERICAN CITIZENS makes you a TRAITOR TO AMERICA, and it is my hope that millions of Americans opt to Boycott any and all projects that you are or become associated with.

To the 12.5 Million out of work American Main Street families who are out of work, who are having trouble feeding your children...First, you have this blogs support and prayers, and secondly, is it people like Eva Longoria who are helping (aiding and abetting) Illegal Aliens in stealing your American Dream.

Eva Longoria wants our new president to address immigration and she’s ready to stand up and fight for her homeland of Mexico. Translated...she is not first and foremost a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN concerned for the health and well being of her fellow Main Street Americans, but instead her loyalty IS WITH MEXICO...time for the BOYCOTT!

"First things first, our country is in a really tough position right now and I think definitely immigration will be addressed and I will be there to make sure that we're protected," Longoria told Tarts at a recent party. By we're, this TRAITOR TO THE RED, WHITE and BLUE means Mexicans, as in those here in America ILLEGALLY, as in Illegal Aliens.

And is it about time we devoted our resources to our neighboring land rather than pouring funds globally? I can support this. Let's start with money to finish fencing off our Southern Border with Mexico, as GOOD FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS. Next, lets spend some of OUR MONEY putting 50,000 Military Soldiers on our border with Mexico to SHUT DOWN THEIR DRUG TRADE, and STOP ILLEGAL ALIENS AND COYOTES from further infesting America.

"It is unfortunate that we spend so much time as Americans all over the world, and we need to really focus a lot of our energy on our front porch which is Mexico and I hope that we'll be able to bring more attention to the a lot of the poverty and illiteracy and the educational programs in Mexico," the Desperate Housewives starlet added. "I would definitely love to help, we're going to be doing a charity in Mexico City next year and we're going to gather a lot of star power from Mexico and raise a lot of money for educational programs." Here is a CLUE about Mexicans starting to take care of MEXICANS. You can start with taxes on the Rich and Elite. There is no INFRASTRUCTURE of note in Mexico because your government taxes its richest citizens at only 9.5 percent. Once you raise the taxes in Mexico to say 22 percent for your richest citizens, you can work on taking THE CRIME OUT OF YOUR have Drug Wars in Mexico because your politicians ARE CROOKS RIGHT UP THROUGH El PRESIDENTE CALDERON. Stop acting like we Americans OWE YOU, OWE MEXICO...we owe you shit, and those of your fellow Mexicans that are here in America ILLEGALLY should be DEPORTED ALONG WITH THEIR ANCHOR BABIES...OH, did I offend you? GOOD, as your support of AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS OFFENDS ME.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Calling All Legal American Citizens...The Revolution To Take Back America Has Begun...WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Picture is Illegal Aliens Marching to Demand Amnesty, and the right to KEEP YOUR JOBS
Dear Main Street American Netizens:

Immediate implementation of E Verify would keep 300,000 Good Construction Jobs out of the hands of Illegal Aliens, yet three Major Democratic Leaders (President Obama, Senator Reid and Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi) are intent on placing the well being of Illegal Aliens ahead of the Financial Well Being and Legal Rights of American Workers by pushing E Verify to the legislative abyss, wrongfully taking any and every step they can to keep it from becoming the mandatory law of the land for every American Company. We are asking you to make sure that those 300,000 jobs go to American Workers, feed American Families by sending the following simple letter TOO ALL OF YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS IN WASHINGTON DC demanding answers, asking them the simple question, where is my E Verify?

Netizens, we need a Save American Jobs Internet BRUSH FIRE with the below letter. Please post it on every message board you can find, leave it as your response to every article or discussion on E Verify or Immigration. Print off the letter and take copies of it to your church, laundry map, and grocery stores. We have LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO ARE OUT OF WORK LIVING IN TENT CITIES WHILE OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS MAP OUT HOW TO GIVE 300,000 AMERICAN STIMULUS JOBS TO ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS.



Dear (Insert Elected Officials Name)

I am writing you to ask a simple question. Why are the flames of racial hatred and distrust being fanned by the Obama White House, the House of Representatives and The Senate by your collective Congressional refusal to pass E Verify. What justification is there to deliberately turn your back on Main Street Americans of all colors by leaving E Verify out of various pieces of legislation when the funding, passage and immediate implementation of E Verify would protect 300,000 American Jobs paid for with American Tax Payer Dollars through the Stimulus Bill. Why, as example, has Senator Harry Reid deliberately stonewalled Senator Sessions Amendment to the Omnibus Budget Bill which would make E Verify the law, and in the process save 300,000 Main Street American Jobs for 300,000 Legal American Citizens.

President Obama is wrongfully on record as saying, "Implementation of E Verify would cause too many Illegal Aliens to lose their jobs before we can tackle comprehensive Immigration Reform (AMNESTY)." With all due respect, 12.5 Million Legal Americans are out of work while over seven million illegal aliens have jobs in our American Economy, while Legal US Citizens who are out of work are living in Tent Cities. Simply stated, Main Street Americans CANNOT WAIT for E Verify, feeding our children and perhaps our very survival as families depends upon its immediate passage and FULL IMPLEMENTATION, depends on ICE ENFORCING OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS AS WRITTEN.

In God's name we pray, prove we are still a nation of laws by A) immediately passing E Verify, B) ordering increased Work Place Raids in the name of Enforcement, and C) if necessary, using our United States Military to Secure our American Border with Mexico.

Illegal Immigration is not a race issue, but egregious AMNESTY lobbying (La Raza, MALDEF, National Chamber of Commerce, Association of General Contractors) combined with our government's refusal to enact E Verify, to Enforce our Immigration Laws (as written), is rapidly making the issue of Illegal Immigration a racial issue, is making ordinary, law abiding, hard working, out of work Americans angry, and in their anger the Government's refusal to enact E Verify is the match threatening to take what is a law and order issue and turn it into a scorching RACE WAR as angers and frustrations become hate. Please, for the sake of race relations ,for the sake of America, and for the sake of every LEGAL WORKING AMERICAN MAIN STREET FAMILY, make E Verify the law before next weekend ( March 22, 2009).